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ESG Knowledge Hub

Fidante’s approach to ESG is centred and backed by Challenger Group’s leadership in both our Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Investment programs.

At Fidante, we believe we have the opportunity to make a positive difference in how that future looks through active ownership and investment activity. As part of our commitment, we have a dedicated ESG team to help our investment managers achieve best practice ESG integration within their processes.

Hear from our Senior ESG Specialists and Investment managers through educational videos, podcasts, articles and more.

ESG in 10 Podcast

In this podcast series, we will delve into the world of ESG, 10 minutes at a time, to engage with our Fidante affiliates on their views on topical ESG themes across asset classes. . You can listen on Apple podcasts and Spotify, with new episodes being released every few weeks.

ESG 101- What is ESG, and why are we hearing so much about it now?

In this educational video, hear from Charlotte O'Meara Senior ESG specialist, as she explains the basics of ESG, and why it is so important when it comes to your investments.