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About the Fund

The Challenger IM Multi-Sector Private Lending Fund is a floating rate multi-sector credit strategy focused on private lending opportunities primarily in Australia and New Zealand. The Fund aims to generate a consistent, high level of income by harvesting the illiquidity premium that exists between the public and private lending markets. By keeping spread duration low and focusing on floating rate loans, the Fund aims to have a low correlation to interest rates and broader equity markets. The Fund is available to institutional and wholesale clients (as defined in the Corporations Act 2001) only.

Diversification within the broader fixed income asset class in comparison to more traditional fixed income and equity securities.
Actively seeking to take advantage of the illiquidity premiums found in private lending markets offering attractive risk reward.
Rigorous oversight and governance ensure the Fund is managed in a stable environment across extensive operational, legal and finance platforms.

Why this Fund

The Challenger IM Multi-Sector Private Lending Fund is intended to be suitable for institutional and wholesale investors only who are happy to invest for at least three to five years and who understand that due to the Fund's investments in the private sector, it may take a longer period for the processing of your redemption request with a maximum period of three years permitted under the Fund's constitution for withdrawal requests to be processed and paid.

Seek an attractive, risk-adjusted return.
Are prepared to invest in primarily non-investment grade private market securities.
Are willing to trade off / forego some liquidity in exchange for the potential of increased returns.


You should read the Fund's TMD and PDS to ensure the key attributes of the Fund as described in the TMD and PDS aligns with your objectives, financial situation and needs before making a decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold the Fund. 

Ways to Invest

This fund is only available to wholesale clients (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001). Please contact Fidante Client Services on 1300 721 637 (Within Australia) or 02 8023 5428 (Outside of Australia) if you are a wholesale client and wish to invest in the Fund.

Interests in the Challenger IM Multi-Sector Private Lending Fund ARSN 620 882 019 are offered by Fidante Partners Limited (ABN 94 002 835 592 AFSL 234 668) (Fidante). Fidante has appointed Challenger Investment Partners Limited (ABN 29 092 382 842, AFSL 234 678) (Challenger Investment Management or Challenger) as the investment manager of the Fund.