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SG Hiscock & Company

About SG Hiscock & Company

SG Hiscock & Company is a multi award-winning boutique fund manager based in Melbourne specialising in Australian Equities and Property Securities – including Australian and global REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). They were established in 2001 by six principals and are entirely owned by staff of SG Hiscock.

Our Funds

SG Hiscock Property Fund

The Fund is an actively managed portfolio that provides diversified exposure to Australian property and infrastructure assets by primarily investing in Australian real estate investment trusts (AREITs). The Fund complies with the Significant Investor Visa Complying Investment Framework that commenced on 1 July 2015. The Fund aims to provide exposure to primarily listed property trusts for some income and capital growth potential over the long term.

SG Hiscock Property Opportunities Fund

The Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of listed property, infrastructure assets and property-related securities. Up to 20% of these securities can be listed offshore. The investment manager uses a combination of fundamental analysis of 'top-down' macroeconomic influences and 'bottom-up' company specific research, analysis and valuation. The Fund aims to outperform its benchmark, the S&P/ASX A-REIT Accumulation Index, over rolling three-year periods, while providing investors with a quarterly income stream and some capital growth over the medium term (at least three years).

Closed Funds

The SG Hiscock Property Opportunities Fund (Closed) (WAR0005AU) is closed to new investors. Existing investors can continue to make additional investments.

Interests in the SG Hiscock Property Opportunities Fund (closed) ARSN 090 790 873, SG Hiscock Property Opportunities Fund (ARSN 090 577 825, SG Hiscock Premier Property Opportunities Fund ARSN 090 850 445, SG Hiscock Property Fund ARSN 088 905 382 and SG Hiscock Professional Property Fund ARSN 089 419 358) are offered by Fidante Partners Services Limited (ABN 44 119 605 373 AFSL 320505) (Fidante Partners). Fidante Partners has appointed SG Hiscock & Company Limited (ABN 51 097 263 628, AFSL 240679) as the investment manager of the Fund.