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Australian Equities

Greencape Capital

About Greencape

Greencape Capital (Greencape) is a specialist Australian equities fund manager based in Melbourne. The investment team is focused on, and committed to, delivering superior performance, directly aligning its interests with those of its investors.

Greencape has a highly credentialed, stable and collegiate team who focus the majority of their time and energy speaking to people running real world businesses in Australia and around the globe.

This highly proprietary aspect to their process delivers Greencape with valuable insights and evaluations that drive performance outcomes.


Greencape believes equity markets are inefficient; investor sentiment and short-termism (the tendency to seek immediate profit at the expense of long-term security) can mask observable dynamics, leading to mispricing of stocks. This can present significant investment opportunities. In addition, Greencape believes that capital allocation decisions, and the ability to earn appropriate returns from such decisions, are fundamental to creating value for shareholders. They also feel strong relationships with businesses, shareholder stewardship and business franchise strength influences shareholder value and are often underestimated.


Greencape has a dedicated and experienced team of investment professionals, whose aim is to deliver superior, repeatable performance.

Contact Greencape

General Enquiries
1300 721 637 (Within Australia)
+612 8023 5428 (Outside of Australia)

Financial Adviser Enquiries
1300 721 637

Institutional Investors and Asset Consultants

Clare Armstrong
Head of Equity Boutique Origination & Senior Investment Specialist
+61 3 9947 9420